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Water – Fire – Storm – Mold 




Do You Need Mold Remediation ?

Put a halt to mold before it spreads all over your residential or business property! A mold problem can get way out of control, if you don’t put stop to it right away! We can help you! Revive Restoration And Remodeling is the #1 Metro Detroit Area Restoration Service. We will restore your residential or commercial property back to its normal state as quickly and as affordably as possible!

Typically, if you notice mold in your home or business, it may be because you experienced a water leak or some sort flooding. And, it is even worse if you don’t even know where the water problem happened from. It is important to locate the source as fast as possible to stop it before the problem gets any worse.

If you have a problem with mold and it isn’t properly remediated, it will more than likely continue to grow and spread all over the place. With mold spreading all over, it can cause health problems to everyone who is exposed to it. It is crucial that a mold damage expert handle the situation accordingly.

With years of expertise and knowledge in mold remediation, Revive Restoration Service is the industry leader and most trusted mold restoration service company found in the Detroit Metropolitan Area! Over the years, we have assisted hundreds and hundreds of residential and business owners take care of their mold problems. With our mold remediation, mitigation and clean-up services, we will be able to properly get rid of the mold problem and get your building back to a healthy status as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Our Mold Remediation Services?

  • 24-Hour Emergency Restoration Services
  • Licensed, Bonded &Insured
  • Highly-Trained & Authorized Restoration Technicians
  • Full-service Disaster Restoration for Residential & Commercial Properties
  • Free Estimates


Metro Detroit Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, Mold Remediation and Mold Removal Process Includes:

  • Rapid Response
  • Emergency Service
  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Inspection Report Delivered within 24-hours
  • Containment of the Area Where Mold is Present
  • Clean Contaminated Surface areas
  • Antimicrobial Solutions Applied
  • Air Purification & Filtration Provided
  • Removal of Damaged Drywall, Flooring & Other Contaminated Materials


Revive Restoration And Remodeling owned and operated locally and is a highly-regarded disaster restoration company providing mold remediation and mold removal services to homeowners and business owners located all over the Greater Detroit area.  We offer 24 hour emergency service, 7-days a week and 36 days a year.  We have a comprehensive knowledge of residential and commercial mold remediation and mold removal.  Our Metro Detroit mold restoration service will assist you with keeping your home or business safe and secure.   Contact us today for immediate help!